Alrighto!! Hello!! If you’re reading this and wondering what it is- this is a messags to the people whom left be a response to my previous blog! This is quite a specific instance, so it’s totally fine, however, if you too are an artist whom is still learning- I highly reccomend you read this!

So if you’ve clicked on the link on the end of my Q&A, you probably saw the final message I had received. This message was one directed at my art and its similarities to another, someone whom I admired.
I gave my reply and I received another message which continue to insist that my style was a copy of Tori-san’s.
I honestly didn’t know how to respond to this one. I myself did not think my current art was remotely as clean or polished as Tori-san’s and my proportions varied from hers. But I knew simply stating this would not convince the anon.

I really adored her art, but found it very difficult to find courage to send a message to her off anon. This was an opportunity. If the artist herself felt the way the anon claimed, I would change.
Anyways- I sent her a message about how I loved and admired her art. How she has inspired and motivated me to draw and how much I adored her colour pallet. I spoke about the messages I received, and how if she too believed my art was too similar to hers, I apologized beforehand.

The response I received from her was beyond what I imagined.

She firstly thanked me, and then went straight to the point.

“I looked over your art, and do not think it is a copy of my own. You can be confident in yourself…there is nothing you need to apologize to me for.”

It’s really all I needed to hear, but she still took the time to continue the message.

This part I believe this is for anyone who is a content creator. I will be paraphrasing and translating what she had told me;

“There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other artists, people or things. When I was a young artist, I did the same thing; I’m sure every artist has. It is not shameful to see other people’s art and take inspiration from them. You’ll meet many artists whom you like the art of, take influences from them, and eventually it forms into something that is your own.

Throughout your journey as an artist, you may continue to receive messages like the ones you have received again. People have said the same things to myself. You can have confidence in your art. There is nothing wrong with taking influence or inspiration from other people. Thank you being so considerate and sending me this message!”

In conclusion… thank you to you, sender of the anon messages, I probably would never of had the courage to talk to Tori-san if it weren’t for you. You stated how she would feel, but according to her, she felt nothing of the sort. I hope I cleared some more misunderstandings again.