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For my third peer review I was assigned with Grace’s blog, Sentients and the Like. The overall feel of the site fits perfectly well with the tone of the content within it. The light colours of the few images work with the blog’s theme. The choice of image for the banner is good. Reflects the relaxing and calming nature of the blogs, though the image is a bit long for mobile. The first glance of the blog is pleasant.

Banner found on Grace’s Blog

However, I do wish the blog would utilize more images within their blog posts. Many of the posts felt too text heavy and difficult to focus on, including images would help keep readers engaged with the content.

Having the short “About me” excerpt on the front page was a very good idea. Though I do wish that this section was clickable and linked to the full “About” page. Having multiple ways to link to pages available is always a good idea to avoid readers from getting annoyed with clicking something, that deemed clickable, without results.

There are 4 menu selections near the top of the site, However, clicking on them merely led to a page with more text links to select. I found this to be a nuisance to navigate through, since I could not understand what the posts were about until clicking on the links. I wish there could be a small preview of the blog post to give a clear idea of what the post would be about.



Another thing I noticed is how the “Travel” menu page had no information or links on it. This immediately made the site feel incomplete and unpolished. If you do not have anything in a particular tab, don’t leave it on the main menu. The menu suggests that content is organized for each particular category, and having an empty one may make the reader drop the site. I suggest either taking away the “Travel” for now, or create content to fill it.

In general, I wish there was more content in the “Leisure” and “Travel” pages. I feel these posts really speak more about you and are much more interesting to read. Having more content and images would add colour to a rather empty site. The theme and site layout work really well already, and adding more content is definitely the biggest thing that is needed on this site. I hope for the best with your blog!


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