Peer Review #2
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So for my second peer review, I was tasked to look at Zoe Nordstrom’s Blog My first impressions of the blog differs from which device I navigated it from. The mobile has a minimalist feel to it with the “recent things” presented immediately on the front page. However, on the desktop version, the header image is much too large and it distracts from the rest of the blog’s contents. I also wish I could see what the blog is about at first glance, without needing to search for the answer. The lack of a visible title for the blog makes it hard to tell what this blog really is about.

I also noticed that the ‘about.’ page is only accessible on the desktop version of the site, but not the mobile. Without access to the page, I do not understand what exactly the blog’s contents could be. You can click onto the about page fine on the desktop version of the blog. So I suggest making sure that the blog be tested for compatibility on other devices. Another error I found while navigating through the site was the top menu bar, found at the top, was not actually linked properly and led to empty pages. I suggest it be fixed or removed.

Menu bar found at the top of


side menu screenshot from

I do love the font choice for the blog! Although some titles are a bit larger than others, the contrast allows the titles to pop out from the background. I do recommend keeping the number of typefaces to a minimum though. Choosing one or two, and using different styles of the same font will allow the site to come together more. An example of this is the “close menu” font for when the hamburger menu is opened up. This font is inconsistent from the other typefaces and ends up standing out in a negative way.

In conclusion, the aesthetics for the blog works well as a personal/journal blog, but I wish it was easier to tell what ind of content this blog was going to have immediately. I believe a well organized front page and blog title present on it would help clarify what you wish to share!

This last comment is more related to the images you have used in your posts. Unless you created these images, you should properly credit/source the content. At least state where these images are from. I would like the same with my images you have used for your peer review! Thanks!


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