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The website I will be reviewing is http://thegmtim.ca/ , they are a “Game Master For Hire”.

Hamburger Menu (screenshot from http://thegmtim.ca/)

The overall feel of the homepage is concrete. It is well polished and easy to understand what this blog is about. However, since all the navigation is under the hamburger menu (the three bar menu found at the top left) and that requires viewers to do an extra click to see what else they can look into. Having some “important” pages easily accessible will make the site easier to navigate through. Upon opening up the hamburger menu, the number of selections can become a bit overwhelming. Perhaps trying to add the information elsewhere may keep visitors from leaving the site. I also would have liked to see more information on the blog on the home page. Needing to click the hamburger link to contact you is not convenient for first time viewers.

The about page is in third-person which gives a distant feeling rather than a friendly language. Various clickable links allow viewers to see your affiliations at a glance and expand on the communities you are involved in which is helpful.

The first person writing for the blogs (http://thegmtim.ca/2017/09/21/stranger-chats/) makes them feel like a conversation and easy to read. I liked how the conversation of “Strangers” was connected to the blog’s main theme, Table-top Gaming. Being able to hear the experiences you have had within this large community and how you have begun creating your own community with in it – being afraid to meet with “strangers” wouldn’t have allowed you to enjoy what you do.

Overall the blog is very clear, with all the links bringing me to places that make sense. As an IAT (interactive arts and technology) student, these small details end up bothering me. I do wish the logo could match with the entire tone of the site since at the moment, it stands out a bit too much.

You have a concrete theme that is still quite similar to the sites’ previous iteration. That shows confidence in the content! I’d love to keep chick of this blog. I’ve always been interested in table top games, but I have never gotten the courage nor people to try to play them myself. I hope to learn more on the craft through this blog!


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