Okay, so if you’re on this page, I assume you either were just curious or are the sender of this message. This last message I received on Sarahah was something negative. I however, did not think it was correct to ignore this message, so I will address it on here. This page cannot be reached without clicking on from the Q&A and is not technically related to it.


Please Read at your Own Risk!



First of all, thank you for taking your time to leave this lengthily message for me. I do admit, my work was heavily inspired by Tori-san especially my earlier works such as this

My colour palette, use of highlights and facial proportions were too heavily influenced by her artwork. I knew that this was something I couldn’t keep up with. My later work still holds some inspiration from Tori-san’s works, but my proportions, colour palette, body postures and way of shading has moved away from my inspiration.

I am still continuing to improve on my art and do not and never believe that what I create is without influence. I do not copy Tori san’s style, but do see her as a admirable artist and her work continues to motivate me to draw myself.


I also would like to address this quote from the message

“I also saw you write on amino to someone that your style wasn’t inspired by anyone”

I have not said that, however, I did say that I was not inspired solely by one source and that there are multiple things, both anime and real life that influence my work. I learned many things while studying 3d animation about facial expressions, my anatomy has heavy influences from Inazuma Eleven, and my colouring has had influences from Tori-san and my colour theory classes.

I replied something along this on my post on Amino directing to “Art style is not an Excuse”, sadly those comments have been deleted by the “someone” I was talking to and I do not have screenshots of the conversation. If this wasn’t the instance you were talking about, I would like to know and apologize for causing any confusion.

Thank you very much for reading through all this, and I hope I was able to clear some things up with you. I will continue to try to improve with my art and if you are still disappointed you are allowed to block me.