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So an important defense mechanism in our game is the trebuchet. I actually had to do this twice because of an error on my part. When making the first iteration of the trebuchet, I mistakenly drew the original sketch facing the other way, therefore it seemed as if the player were attacking its own castle with its defensive weapon. Luckily, I found out the mistake before beginning to colour and still had the layers for the original image available to me, so the change wasn’t too difficult to recreate. I also animated them on gifmaker so I can make sure that the sequence looks alright. I hope to have the animation play when players interact with it. I’ll need to make a broken version of the trebuchet so players have something to look at when it is destroyed.

The trebuchet I drew facing the incorrect direction
sketch of the new and correct trebuchet
final sprite sheet of trebuchet
final animated Trebuchet

Other than the trebuchet image, I also continued to work on the tiles so we could have one for the first playable prototype of the game. I added some images which could be used as the resource areas so we can easily add them to the map with colliders. The trees are for the wood, rocks for stone and larger rock for steel. I tested the tiles out on unity so they definitely look good in the game environment. I also added a door and castle which can be placed on the back.


I need to start adding more sprite variations for the player character, specifically diagonal walks and sprites when the character is holding a resource. An idle animation may be necessary if I have enough time to create it. Since I am doing a lot of tile-based assets, it makes it easier for me to recreate and draw variations of. I hope to continue creating more assets as per necessary for our next prototype.


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