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It’s been a while since I last posted! A new semester has begun for me, also will be my last, and I enrolled into an Advanced Game Design course, IAT 410! The course revolves around the development cycle of a game and unlike the previous game course I was in, IAT 410 has us make only game. I am in charge of the Visual Art of the game and am working in a group of 4.

This category will consist of my weekly process of the Game Project!

For our first week, we had an online meeting to discuss possible game ideas. Once we have decided on what kind of game to create, I began to illustrate possible images for the art direction.

A simplified, toon-like appearance and round circular arms will allow for easy animation (if necessary) and a cute aesthetic for the game we are hoping to create. I also wanted to keep in mind the fact that I will need to create all the assets within the set time period, so couldn’t have a design or aesthetic that will be too much to create for one person. I also am the most comfortable with this sort of style, so believe the final art direction will be similar to this. The colours I usually use for my own art is quite bright, so the final coloured images will definitely reflect that. I just haven’t started any final illustrations because we will need to make sure our concept will be green-lit first. It’d be a waste of time if the initial idea we had were to be shot down.

We also needed some illustrations for our game mechanics. So I doodled some sketches for that too. The main goal of the game we are creating has the player defending a castle under siege by managing their resources, rebuilding broken walls, replenishing defensive troops and avoiding bombardment. These images were used for the green-light presentations we will be doing on our second week of classes. 


An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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