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For this week of Siege Engineer’s development, I have worked on some art assests and character designs to use for our Game Design Document. I have made pngs of the 3 resources, wood, steel and stone. I used a simplified and toon-like style to match with the characters’ designs.

For characters, I have worked on making a simple sprite sheet for our protaganist. It still could use editting, however, I needed to practice making and splicing the sprite sheet. I still was unable to make the sprites animate and need to work with programmer to implement them into the game.
The King and Enemy King have completed designs with the King and princess having a Royal Purple theme and the Enemy King having a red theme. The designs of the King is much more comical- much like his role. The Enemy King wears a helmet instead of a crown and wears an axe on his back to show his aggressive and war loving nature.
The background also will utilize a sprite sheet and I used a reference in order to start practicing with the background elements. I’ll need to continue to work on that.
Finally, I finished a concept title Image for Siege Engineer. The image shows the main character and of course the enemies approaching the castle. I tried to capture the anxiety of the character since she is the only person who actually is able to do any work in the castle.
For the next week, I hope to improve on the background assests and also complete the images for the trebuchet. Hopefully the background can be added onto the prototype!

An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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