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So for this week’s work, I continued working on the tiles and added a few more icons we needed for the first playable prototype. My work largely was used to add the new castle walls as per suggestion by another teammate. I also added a more obvious outline for the grass tiles because it was difficult to differentiate the corners from the regular tiles. I added a target symbol for the bombardment and a makeshift button icon, which will most likely change into the Xbox controller buttons for the final version of the game to help players know what button they need to press. I have become more familiar with how gitKraken works and able to push/pull and commit changes hopefully correctly for more efficient prototyping. There are now some useless tiles on the tilemap I have made, so those will be replaced with actually useful tiles eventually.


On Tuesday noon, the team gathered to begin our first game testing session. We had three different players participate and we realized that the level was too large and game balancing could use more work. I also noted which assets I should prioritize for the next weeks.

  • lumber area
  • forge
  • mine
  • castle
  • water, ice/snow tiles
  • explosion (to indicate bombardment shot)



An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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