The current status of my commissions. I will complete them in the order I receive them. If you ask me for multiple commissions, I may ask that you wait for the additional commissions if there are others waiting after you.

I try to give myself 2 days to finish a sketch and then a week after the sketch has been approved to finish the piece. If any troubles arise, I will contact you two days prior to the deadline. If you have a specific deadline, don’t hesitate to inform me.

UPDATE Jan 5. I will still be doing commissions, however, please expect delays since School has just began again for me and I have a full course load on top of at least 8 hours of work a week. Don’t hesitate to message me if you need a commission done by a certain date. I will do what I can to accommodate.

Thank you!

Commission Status


twilight-perfection (paid) – colouring