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As a SIAT major at SFU, and aspiring artist/designer, I have become very sensitive to design appearances of websites and objects. Through my many projects and classes, my colour choice has become much better and this reflects on the art content I create. However, since my coding abilities are not very advanced, I have trouble implementing my design decisions onto my website. I have fiddled with the CSS of my website’s themes in attempt to change the sizing of a potential header slider and the text font to something more unique. I couldn’t seem to make any changes to the site’s visual appearance, despite altering the code through the “Appearance – Editor” on the WordPress dashboard.

It could be something about the theme I have chosen, however, the simplicity of the theme allows my art to shine. Because in the end, the art is the most important thing on the blog!

I look at art gallery websites often, and a site that I used before buying my tablet was ColorsLive. This site has a very set identity, however, I do believe the background colours compete too much with the beautiful gallery of creative works it displays. It quickly becomes too much and I cannot stay on the site too long before my eyes start to get tired. I realize that the main access of the site is not through computer, but through the ColorsLive Apps, but since access to the website is possible, their design should adjust to be appropriate to desktop users.


An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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