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During the lecture for my publishing class, we were asked an interesting question.

“There is only one hour left of the internet, what would you do with this last hour.”

The only thing I really do on the internet is art related, and all of my work is saved directly onto my own computer. So in regards to my own art, I have no worries from losing data.

The first thing I will do is transfer my paypal cash back to my back account. I won’t be able to access the cash I earned from commissions without the internet aaah.

Once I complete the transfer, I will spend the rest of my time voice chatting with my online friends. I have met many people through my online interactions within fandoms, and it will become difficult to interact with them once the internet is gone. I would like to spend my last time on the internet with them.


An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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