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I was slightly inspired by Gintama’s parody on the same poster for this ww. Gintama episode 274 featured this parody of a well known, classic video game MOTHER.

MOTHER ad on Nintendo


Gintama is an anime filled with pop culture references, parodies and many fourth wall breaking. It has over 300 episodes and is still ongoing and its massive popularity has allowed the series to bypass a lot of censoring compared to its earlier episodes.

Episode 274 (which can be viewed on Crunchyroll), began with the main cast of Gintama, Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura, trying to make a promotional poster for their Yoruzuya (handyman work). And instead of making a new poster, they edit another well-known and successful poster – the Mother poster

“Has the opening started yet…?” Gintama episode 274


Gintama Episode 274

The episode featured various versions of the “poster” with a focus on the “catch-copy” to sell their so-called “business”. Even going as far as poking fun at the creator of the show himself (whom is represented as a Gorilla).

My version of the “Mother Poster” featured my own original characters and it’s own “catch-copy”.

Mother edit by me featuring (Minato, Shuuji, K41-B0 and Mochi)

I tried adding pixel-like layers to making the images (other than cat face on mountain) blend in with the rest of the image. I edited out the original text of the magazine pretty well and its difficult to notice it’s absence.  I had a lot of fun editing and colouring this poster ^^


An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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