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I asked everyone to send in anonymous messages on my sarahah! Thank you to everyone that asked! I will answer each question one by one! Without further ado, here are the questions and my answers!!! (You may still send questions! I will answer these!)

How do you come name, AlsiusHaku?

About 5 years ago I had a character named Kurogane Haku aka Alsius. My name comes from her name. She has gone through many design iterations and it was the first time I spent so much time with a single character, so I never changed my username since I changed it. Alsius had ice powers so her name was similar to “celsius”. Also the fact that most social media sites don’t use “AlsiusHaku” makes it nicer,


Would you like to see my OC?

Sure! Send them through PM!


How would you rank your lovechildren in terms of
a. Design

Shuuji, Kaibo, Sakuno, Minato, Kokoro

b. Personality

Shuuji, Minato, Kaibo, Sakuno, Kokoro


Kokoro is also my newest and least developed character, but I hope to add more about him and Sakuno very soon! Shuuji is my oldest and therefore furthest developed of my characters, so he easily takes first place. BTW, what a mean question www making me choose favourites XXD


Do kaiba dic?

Hmm…It’s hard to tell…but I would say yes.


How long have you been making art for?

Like most people I started drawing in Kindergarten, but I started drawing on my free time around 3rd grade. In fourth grade I was part of a “club” with some classmates and tried to draw original Pokemon together and send the designs to GameFreak. lol. I never stopped drawing. I didn’t draw people until about 8th grade. Prior to this I drew Pokemon, Warrior Cats, Keroro Gunsou and other fantasy creatures. I never drew a Pokemon Trainer until later. It’s funny cause now I draw mostly humans ww. My first Digital Art was around grade 12 on my 3DS colors app.

The lines are still wonky and my colouring needs work definetly, but these were my first steps towards non pencil crayon or permanent marker drawings www.

I didn’t have a tablet until 4 years ago. My first work (which was still Alsius wwww) was still me figuring out how to draw digitally. I did give up drawing digitally for a few months after buying my tablet until I took it up again.

Now I’m realizing that the question merely asked about when I started art and not about my journey www. But yeah, I started drawing on my free time around third grade!


How do you create such awesome LCs?

I actually get a lot of help developing characters from my friends! (You can find them here and here) We discuss characters and headcanon often in order to find flaws and improve upon our characters. It’s definitely not my work alone, although I did create the initial characters, they became better through conversation.


Favorite and least favorite Danganronpa characters?

Another difficult question… from the amount of art I draw I would say Ouma Kokichi is my favourite DR character overall. He looks cute, but is a piece of shit. I really like that contrast.

As for my least favourite it’d have to be Maizono Sayaka. She just isn’t my type of character in general and I disliked how her “mistakes” in the killing game ended up being glanced over by the entire cast. She was remembered with a positive light, while Leon was forgotten.


Approximately how long have you been drawing art? Art in general, not just DR or Digital art?

I did answer part of the question previously! You can find it by scrolling up two questions. I would say I drew for 17 years about? I never posted art until 6-7 years ago though. My first Digital art would have been 6 years ago and my first DR art was only a year ago (hilariously Sakakura Juzo from DR3) despite me liking DR around the time SDR2 was released ww


I got two questions!
Where can I get your comm prices because dAMN I LOVE UR ART-

Thank you very much! You can find my prices here

Favorite food? :>

My favourite dish is definitely tonkatsu! It’s something I crave often and always eat whenever I go to Japanese Restaurants. I love Katsu in general, but like it better on its own with Shredded Cabbage, Miso Soup and Rice rather than as KatsuDon. It loses its crispiness when cooked with egg.


How long must one art to art as good as that.

I drew about roughly 700-800 drawings since the beginning of the year…so perhaps that many drawings? Honestly, the most important thing is to keep drawing and keep trying new things. As long as you don’t stop, improvement happen naturally. I too am continuing to better my art, cause I know and understand that there is no end to improvement. There were two posts about this was made on the MLP Amino Here and Here (its a well developed and well curated community. Many great artists are there and openly giving their advice on this topic.)

When did you get into the Danganronpa fandom?

I got into the DR fandom around the time SDR2 came out I believe? I think that’s when I discovered the character which was known as “Fujisaki Chihiro”. I get into fandoms usually through characters I get interested in. Apparently DR was good enough for me for me to stay despite Chihiro dying early on TTT. I watched no-commentary playthroughs on Youtube with my sister and we Voice acted the characters as we did so. We did this for SDR2 and now with V3, though we are playing V3 rather than simply watching a playthrough!

As mentioned before, my first DR art was Sakakura Juzo… so random ww and oof, it needed a lot of work, but everyone starts somewhere.


Alright! So that wraps up all the questions which I have received! However, there was one message I received on my Sarahah which I will address on another post. If you’d like to read it you may click here.


An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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