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My colouring usually consists of hard cell shading – which means I don’t blend the colours like you would see in painting. Cell shading is often looked on as an “easy” and “quick” style and most people seem to put painted, blending styles higher up. I can become quite competitive when it comes to my work, so I naturally drew in a complex cell shaded style. Just the colouring took around 2-3 hours with many, many layers of colour after colour. As I was doing it, I realized that this technique mirrored my acrylic paintings’.

This piece features one of my fan characters for Danganronpa, Ouma Shuuji(left) and my friends’ character, Amami Ranmaru(right).

Because of how long this image took to colour, I doubt I’ll colour with this technique often, however, I still had fun with layering the colours. I needed to adjust my usual colour palete to be more brighter in order to have to highlights appear to shine!






I am most proud of how the eyes turned out. The way they appear glistening from afar really makes me consider trying to colour like this once in a while. The yellow eyes were much harder to colour and I darkened it quite a bit in order make it appear to “shine” like the green eyes.

I also used multiple shade colours, gradually becoming lighter to give the false impression of blending from afar.

Process Images:


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