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Ziggy is an original character of mine which is loosely inspired by the familiars from Deep-Sea Prisoners’ Work. Unlike most of my designs, I went out to look up a colour palette for him prior to deciding his colour scheme. Out of the many characters I have designed, Ziggy was the few that continued to stick with me. The wings were the most difficult part for me, mostly because I was inexperienced in drawing them. The only way to get better at drawing is to continue to draw.

I decided to give him heels on his boots which allows him to clip them onto bars and hang upside down from them. In his original design, Ziggy’s fur tuffs around his neck came out from underneath his uniform in an unnatural way. When I asked my sister to draw Ziggy for me (a commission), she added it to her illustration. I really liked that idea and its stayed since. My sister also used a brighter set of colours which I believe made his design appear more attractive.

THe first image was drawn on November 2nd, 2016. And the second image was draw on September 19th, 2017. Redrawing older characters and updating them is always fun to do. The way I colour has changed, the way I draw the lines changed, the details. I am proud of how both of them look and love the improvement I have made in the past year with my art!



Bonus Animated gif….

The gif was made using this online gif maker Although it takes time to create even these simple animations, the results are what keep me going back to make them time to time.


An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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