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Here’s is one of my characters, Houjou Shuuji! He lives in a world in which people have enhancement powers. Shuuji’s power allows his body to heat up at high temperatures. This character used to be an LC, lovechild, of two Danganronpa characters.

I really enjoyed his design and character development I gave him! We made these LC with a group of artist friends, and so they ended up being a family of 9 siblings haha. I initially was against the concept of Lovechild, but when I came across Anima’s LC, Kohaya, I fell in love. It made me want to make a LC of my own and I have made 4 in total for Danganronpa V3.

Second son of the Ouma Family, and one of the few of his brothers to be talentless. Shuuji is a brat that often says too much and causes others to be either angry or uncomfortable. He always bullies his younger brother, Yukio, due to a petty grudge. Shuuji has a short attention span and has yet to finish a book or movie. This prankster’s only fear is ghosts.

Kai is a self-learning AI created by Dr. Iidabashi and Iruma Miu and meant to be raised by K1-B0. Kai was able to learn at a faster pace that Kiibo and therefore was quick to see his “parent” as inferior. The robot thrives to learn new things and when he discovers someone with greater knowledge, he’ll follow them until he learns. Kai also has a twin bot, K0U-B0.

Despite being able to do most of the things her mother can, Minato is too lazy to actually work. She lacks the motivation and only does the bare minimum at school to avoid being scolded. To avoid fights or complicated situations, Minato is quick to apologize for things she hasn’t done, or agree to things she doesn’t believe in. This has made her com off as “fake”, “reserved” or “emotionless” and has distanced herself from her classmates.

Sakuno is the SHSL Pianist like her mother, however prefers to play pop songs rather than classical. She is an otaku and loves to sing along and cosplay as she performs. Her smile however is very awkward. Sakuno can be a bit pushy when she finds someone else with even the slightest of interests in anime or manga.

I hope do draw more art and create more content around them, even if it may not be as LCs but as OC versions of themselves.



An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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