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Lately I have been trying to explore angles, positions, and just not have them standing as much. At times i end up reverting to old, easy habits of simple body postures, and I dislike myself for getting so lazy. Recently, my focus on hands has greatly increased their overall appearances as well has allowed me to challenge myself by trying out different hand positions. My next goal with art will be trying to draw my characters in various camera angles, poses and continue practicing backgrounds. Being able to be flexible with what I can draw will greatly increase my skill.

Here is a piece I finished most recently. I explored a different way of shading and highlighting and tried my best to keep the lines relatively clean. Next drawing for myself, I hope to draw some of my other characters, perhaps the two which are least popular (sadly) and placed last in the two polls I conducted on my page. Look forward to it!!

A lot of people are afraid of doing things they are not used to or comfortable with. But without doing things you have not done, there is no way to learn. Art is a process of continuing to practice and perfect. Failure is bound to happen and being afraid of it is just going to be an excuse. If you truly want to get better; draw something new, you must get out of your comfort zone. Let yourself fail, let the drawing look bad. You can easily try again, and redraw it as long as you do not give up.

I actually just got myself a new sketchbook and filled its pages with doodles and drawings within the month of February. I mimiked the design of drew onto one of my older sketchbooks on this one and I believe it turned out quite cutely. My new sketchbook has a darker cover, so I will need to draw on its cover with a white gel pen. I will update its cover once I complete it.


I have not been able to draw digitally much recently, but still continue to doodle in my notebook, occasionally lining and colouring the works with pens. I have fallen in love with this fine-tip pen from Miniso. It appears like a sharpie, but is actually has a sharp, solid tip that is easy to draw with. I wish I bought more of it, so am planning on doing so soon.







I also bought some Sakura brush pens on amazon – they are so sensitive that it was difficult to use initially, however, I quickly was able to get used to them. The colours are so vivid and crisp. I recommend these pens as well.







I was discussing with a few art friends about how what each artist finds “important” to them is what they get better at most as well as what they notice in other artworks more frequently. I wonder what each artist finds most important in their work? Colour? Expressions? Anatomy? I’d love to hear what your opinions are on this matter.


An Anime Inspired Artist exploring the digital medium and how to utilize art to convey various emotions for my characters.

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