Hi! I’m AlsiusHaku (Neena de Ruiter) and I’m a digital artist who loves anime and video games! I draw frequently and have been improving over the past year since getting absorbed in Danganronpa V3. Drawing is how I relieve stress and its been helping me keep sane while studying at school.

I started drawing at a young age with Pokemon doodles. I often traced the images from my colouring books until eventually trying to draw them free hand. I started drawing people for the first time in 2008, though they were in the anime style.





My first digital art was done on my nintendo 3DS with the Colors3D application. It wasn’t until 2014 when I finally got myself a Wacom Inutos Drawing Tablet. Despite getting a tablet, I never really began to draw much until I became obesessed with the anime, Osomatsu-san. This is an image I drew for a translation video my sister and I completed.

I never have posted so much art in my life and slowly became part of the fandom in twitter. However, like many popular fandoms it started to become toxic and I moved away from doing any more fanart for the anime and went back to drawing my OCs. My mascot character, Ziggy the Bat was made at this time.

In January of 2017, a new game released in Japan, Danganronpa V3. I quickly fell in love with its characters and story that I went out to buy myself a PSVita system and a copy of the game. I started to do more and more art and uploaded frequently on my DanganronpaV3 tumblr blog. I also posted theories and analysis’ of characters on the blog and eventually reached over 1000 followers.

The first image I drew in February and the second was the redraw I did in July! Honestly, the best way to improve is to keep drawing.


My art program of choice is Medibang Paint Pro! It’s free and provides many free tones, pens and assests.  I use a wireless Huion Tablet to draw! If you can’t afford a Wacom, I highly recommend trying out Huion tablets!

My favourite characters are Ouma Kokichi, Saihara Shuuichi, Hoshi Ryouma, Toujou Kirumi and Shinguji Korekiyo! I have found myself deep in the making of LoveChildren and a world for them with my close friends. We have a tumblr ask blog for the Ouma Family.

I hope to continue to draw what I love, Danganronpa and Original Characters! Thank you very much for visiting my page!!

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